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Level Up!!!

We're kicking things up a few notches this year!

The past 3 years have truly been a rollercoaster. Through COVID and the changes brought to us by the pandemic, we have had a chance to take on new work, re-examine our workflow, play with new lighting techniques and even shoot with new mediums. Our work has expanded and so has our desire to create with it.

We are now working on several new projects, both together and on our own. Up to this point, we have put in the time to grow and merge our partnership and we are now discovering how important it is for us to find separate spaces where we can develop ourselves individual creative voices.

The juxtaposition has taken us in new directions that surprise us at every turn. We are discovering something new on a constant basis. This is the perfect place to be for every artist.

With this new growth, comes our updated website. We have reworked our Featured Work to show the latest and greatest first. This change combined with more a streamlined number of pages means you can now see more photos with less clicking. Everyone's a winner!

You may have noticed that our menu has also changed. In addition to the fun new animated logo serving as our home page button, we have also added a menu item for Creative & Personal work. For the first time ever on our site, you can now see our creative work broken down by joint work as well as individual personal work that we shoot in our spare time. Do you want to go down the Charles rabbit hole, explore the many joint creative projects we have done together or take a stroll through Zenna's snaps? The choice is yours.

Oh and we can't forget The Blog! From now on we will be using this blog to post about our creative projects such as Actors From Away, Suite 313 and Chat & Shoot with Zenna. In addition to those projects, we will release updates about what we are up to and tell some of the stories behind our photos.

We are incredibly excited about these new updates and can't wait for you all to take a tour! Feel free to chime in about your favourites!

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