Hi, I'm Charles. I’ve been working as a commercial portrait and lifestyle photographer in the beautiful two season city of Vancouver for 10 years now. I left my hometown of Montreal at the age of 21 to seek my fame and fortune as an actor, but after several career changes I discovered photography was really the life for me.

Whether we shoot in studio or on location let’s create images filled with energy that tell one hell of a story. You deserve nothing less.





Hi, my name is Zenna and I am a commercial product and still life photographer. I'm all about technical details, organization and making things work. What I absolutely love about digital photography is its ability walk wild ideas into reality. Through careful lighting, calculated camera technique and a little photoshop magic, just about anything is possible.

I am incredibly blessed to have been born and raised in Vancouver, this city will always be my home. After graduating from the Langara Professional Photography Program I partnered up with Charles. Working together with our family of fellow creatives has been one of the best experiences of my life. Teamwork makes the dream work–that's our motto. Collaboration, fun, trust and respect are at the heart of everything we do and we wouldn't have it any other way. 



Photo Retoucher

Hi! I’m Kika, I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil (I know, I know, another Brazilian in Canada... ) Well, yeah! I love this country and I have the immense pleasure of being able to work with it’s beautiful people. Editing is a passion of mine and to be able to do this with a talented team like Charles and Zenna really inspires me to keep learning and trying out new things in my photography. I love playing with lights and color, creating stories that resemble a scene in a movie. Photography for me is taking a spectacular spin in real life. I think that’s actually how my mind works!


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Photo Assistant

Hi, it’s Iulia, your Romanian-born Vancouverite! 

When I received a Canon PowerShot A460 (a digital point-and-shoot camera) for my sixth birthday, I had no idea I would become the film and digital photography fanatic I am today. As much as I love Trailer Park Boys, there’s nothing like the feeling of being on set assisting, or behind the camera doing my thing. 


Currently in my second (and last) year of the Langara College Professional Photography Diploma, I am cultivating my skills through exploring all genres of photography and expanding my technical skills to be able to collaborate in the most effective way with the marvellous team at Zuckermann & Wong. After graduation, I’m looking to continue assisting the most kickass team while pursuing my career in product and fine art photography. If I’m not on set or in class, you’ll probably find me buying more gear than I really need.

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2nd Camera & People Photographer

I’m a portrait, documentary and fine art photographer based in Vancouver, BC. I am also the founder of Grief Narratives, an online community platform built to provide a space for people to find comfort in the shared experience of grief and loss. An innate curiosity drives my work, and the need for connection grounds it. It’s my foundation. This leads spending intimate and explorative time with my subjects, together, creating impactful and evocative images. My hope is that through my work, people will develop a deeper understanding of themselves, each other and the world.

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Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

I'm a multidisciplinary artist with a passion for makeup artistry and hairstyling. I find great joy in ensuring every client looks as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside.


As the owner and senior artist at 'LK roberts' and I've worked with a range of clients from Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn White and US Open Champion Sloane Stephens to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. I also work closely with the RCMP, and VGH.


Formally educated at Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, I now focus on Makeup and Hair for: Corporate, Film, Lifestyle, Bridal, and Commercial work.

I like to apply a task-oriented approach and pay meticulous attention to detail, you deserve nothing less.

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Graphic Designer

All the way from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I’m a visual artist with a major in Graphic Design and Photography. In 2010 I visited Vancouver for the first time, and fell in love with the city, the outdoors, the lifestyle, and believe it or not, the weather. Vancouver never left me, so in 2016, here I was again.

Now, I work with brands, businesses, and professionals, refining their visual identity, or designing one from scratch. More often than not, business owners don't invest in their brand image from the get-go, then realize the value of a cohesive identity throughout all of their digital and print assets. That’s when I come in.

Branding, marketing materials, and photography are my specialty, and luckily, they go hand in hand in advertising. What assets do you need to make your brand stand out? I’ll be more than happy to work with you on that.

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Teamwork makes the dream work. Here is a list of creatives we collaborate with often. These are people we love working with, not only because of their talent and dedication, but also because they're darn good humans.


Outdoor Sports & Lifestyle Photographer

Craig is a talented photographer with an impressive portfolio focused on mountains sports, cannabis culture and outdoor travel lifestyle.

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Writer, Stylist & Musician

A man of impeccable style and a good friend of ours.




Stylist & Fashion Designer

Fashion designer, stylist, singer, musician, dancer, dance instructor and artist. Always up to something.